Is not about how green is your food, it’s all about PORTIONS. if you eat a whole plate of lettuce you’re not getting all the nutrients that you need so you’re gonna get cranky, without energy and FAT! yes fat.

Lets see it from another point of view: cows only eat grass and their weight is waaaay higher than ours, and we eat pizza, pasta, bread, sugar, etc. So the question here is: why?

Cows are mammals, so we are! the difference here is that they can’t workout, they can’t run, they only eat and poop, so after pooping they feel hungry again so they eat and then poop again, and thats their life. We can run, we can think, we burn a lot of calories so we need different nutrients and different kind of meals. So why would we eat like cows?

Coming back to the portions, our body is smarter than we think, if it’s well feeded, we’ll never feel with anxiety. We don’t need a lot of food, we only need to listen inside and we’ll know if we need more fruits and vegetables or even cheese and bread. It’s called balance.

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